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1. We Value Full Devotion to Jesus Christ
    and His cause
2. We Value Being a Biblically Functional Church
3. We Value Having a Great Commission, Mission, and Vision
4. We Value Having a Culturally Adapting Church
5. We Value Winning the Lost for Jesus Christ
6. We Value Authentic Worship
7. We Value Strong Servant Leadership
8. We Value Family Unity
9. We Value Christian Education
10. We Value Strong Christian Fellowship

Mission Statement
“To share the love of God with all people within and outside
the Inglewood Community so that they can become fully
devoted followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

What We Believe

Church Cross

Vision Statement
“Our vision is to reach the lost for our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ by telling them of the love He has for all people.
We will make disciples of all people who accept Jesus as
their Lord and Savior in an effort to fulfill the Great
Commission as outlined in Matthew 28:18-20. We believe
that God has called us to focus on reaching those within
and outside the Inglewood Community who do not regularly
attend any church. In order to accomplish this, Second
Union Missionary Baptist Church will be an equipping
a center where every believer can be developed to his or her
potential for Ministry. This development will come through:

A. Creative, Inspiring Worship
B. Teaching which is Biblical and Relevant to life
C. Vital, Supportive Fellowship
D. Opportunity for outreach into the Community in
Service and Evangelism

As a result, Inglewood and the surrounding areas will be
different in the years to come, where the Christian influence
will be increasingly felt in homes, businesses, schools, and
communities. We further plan to prepare our people for
leadership roles in our various ministry areas by sending
them to both State and National Baptist Conventions and
other Religious and Civic agencies for training, as required.”


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